Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


Selección 250 ml Restaurant bottle

100% Serrana de Espadán. Acidity: 0,09º

Extra virgin olive oil. Cold Pressed and unfiltered. Made from selected olives from the first harvest.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250ml bottle

The production is small and done in a traditional way. With care and respect for the environment. The olives are picked by hand and processed without heat. Namely, according to the cold press method. After this, the oil is not filtered. Belluga Gourmet allow the oil to settle naturally: in a natural process of decanting.

This oil has a soft and delicious fruity flavor. Great for any type of dish, hot or cold, for example stews. Pure and cold, Great for salad dressing over vegetables and fish.

Ingredients: 100% Serrana de Espadán olives.

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