At Olea Espadán you find a wide range of honey and pollen from Alto Palancia Beekeepers.

This organic honey and pollen come from Nature Park Sierra de Espadán. Bee-friendly environment with Rosemary, Lavender, Heather Flowers, Thyme, sweet honeydew (coniferous and deciduous), Eucalyptus and Orange Blossom. Honey and pollen from Apicola Martínez is prepared with nectar from the flowers of these plants, trees and shrubs.


Natural product produced by honeybees using nectar from flowers (sweet liquid) and fortifying it with substances (eg enzymes) from within the bee itself. The bees then deposit the fortified, concentrated nectar in honeycombs to ripen.

Bee pollen

protein rich pollen (also contains fat, minerals and vitamins). Natural product collected from the antenna of the flower and that the bee transforms into an excellent foodproduct by adding the nectar and own substances.

100% natural and artisanal. No artificial preservatives. Without dyes. Without the addition of glucose. Sealed with the brand of the Nature Reserve.