An impression: 2nd heirloom tomato tasting in Segorbe (Castellón)

The 2nd tasting of heirloom tomatoes from Alto Palancia took place on August 2nd in Segorbe. And was organised by the Seed Bank of Alto Palencia: Banco de Semillas del Alto Palancia (BSAP).

The tasting is organized to showcase Alto Palancia’s biodiversity and to maintain it. Especially, this wide variety of delicious tomatoes.

Some pictures of a successful day.


Tasting of Heirloom Tomatoes

Countryside chickens and Organic Eggs

Traditional tools, Organic vegetable growing and the sale of books on organic crops

Video: VIII Feria del aceite Sierras Espadán y Calderona

Video: VIII Feria del aceite Sierras Espadán y Calderona in Caudiel, Alto Palancia (Castellón)

Informative programme. Of course including a tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Sierras #Espadán and Calderona Origin and Quality guarantee. The tasting also included buñuelos (donuts), olive oil ice cream, and tapenades. All prepared with Serrana Espadán Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DOP)


An impression: 16th Olive Oil Fair in Viver (Castellón)

Viver’s 16th Olive Oil Fair took place on 13th and 14th June. The fair is done to introduce the natural products of the region Alto Palancia. Especially olive oil and derivatives. Some pictures from the event.