Delicious on toast, a sandwich, for desserts, a cheese platter, as a base for sauces and salad dressing

Mermeladas Dulces La Cartuja

  • Tomatojam: To serve with goat cheese, firm (hard) cheeses, *foie gras, pates, salads

  • Red Piquillo Pepperjam: For pâtes, fish such as cod (salted, baked or pan-fried)

  • Rosejam: To pair with *foie gras and canapés

  • Figjam: With morcilla de Burgos (black pudding), *foie

  • Serrana Olivejam: To have with soft cheese, anchovies, salad, *foie gras, sauces, oven roasted meats (duck)

  • Onionjam – Goes really well with pâtes, *foie gras, meat, squid (stuffing)

  • Melonjam – With Ham

  • Cherryjam – With meat like beef (Sirloin steak)

  • Blackberryjam- For cheesecake, cheese pudding, curds, yogurt

  • Raspberryjam – Cheesecake, curd and cottage cheese (quark)

  • Mango-gingerjam – With meat such as confit de canard or steaks

  • Rosemary, Roses, Violets, Jasmine – To pair with *foie, sirloin and firm (hard) cheeses

  • Forest Strawberries with Black Pepper and Balsamic vinegar of Modena – This jam is a dessert that we have recycled and can be served with cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, cheese and salad

  • Asparagus jam – To have with bacon and ham

  • Boletus Edulisjam (Boletus Edulis/Porcini/Ceps) – To have with meat and sauces

  • Chestnut Vanilla Cream – Desserts and red meats

To all Flavours

more than 30 special flavors

* foie gras produced in a humane way


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