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Papaya Jam

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Great for breakfast. Perfect to top your cheesecake with a full papaya flavour.

Artisanal products, produced without artificial preservatives or dyes.

Suitable for a vegan, vegetarian and Kosher diet.



Papaya jam is perfect for breakfast to serve on toast and with yoghurt. It’s also delicious savoury with cheese and nuts.

You can also use jam to:

  • substitute fresh papaya in dairy goods, because the jam does not contain the enzymes that break down dairy.
  • in sauces for a full papaya flavour. 


Papaya, sugar, agar-agar


Papaya jam is made in la Sierra de Espadan from tropical forest fruits by Dulces de la Cartuja.

Made exclusively from plants including seaweed product agar-agar. They are also free from artificial preservatives and colours.

The jams are vegan, vegetarian, and carry the Kosher goods certification.

Dulces la Cartuja specialises in making artisanal jams, gelées, and sweets from flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms. The assortment includes 30+ special flavours of tomato jam, peppers, roses, figs and Serrana de Espadán Olives. And even pineapple, kiwi and porcini.

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